• Insight interAsia is thrilled to be working with the Hawaii Pacific Export Council (HPEC) to train Hawaii’s company on various aspects of exporting, such as international marketing, finance, legal topics, cultural issues, and many others. The funds for this excellent program come from the State’s Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT) as part of their Hawaii State Trade Expansion (HiSTEP) grant from the Small Business Administration (SBA). IIA staff will be coordinating the seminars in the 2017 program and will be performing mentoring to many of the companies that enroll in the program. Please contact us for more details.



    Contipro’s 4SPIN device has rolled out new jets for the production of composite nanomaterials and core-shell nanofibres. These jets can be used to prepare nanomaterial samples composed of nanofibres of several different substances, or even to create nanofibres using different materials for the interior and the case of the fibre.


    コンティプロ社の4SPINデバイスは、複合ナノ材料およびコア – シェルナノ繊維の製造のための新しいジェット機を展開しています。 これらのジェットは、いくつかの異なる物質のナノ繊維からなるナノ材料のサンプルを調製するために、あるいは他の内部用材料および繊維を使用してナノファイバーを作成するために使用することができます。



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Welcome to Insight interAsia


Insight interAsia is a technical sales, marketing, and business development company helping U.S. technology companies sell their products and services throughout Asia.

We perform detailed technology market studies for our clients, then establish short- and long-term strategies for them to grow their businesses in Asia. In some cases, we also represent our clients as agents or distributors in Asia.

Insight interAsia works primarily in the technology areas of semiconductor, MEMS, nanotech, sensors, PV, cleantech, biopharma, energy, and automotive…


Technologies we sell

Insight interAsia sells technology products and services in several different industries, however we chose to enter these industries because they have many aspects in common and are natural extensions of one another.

We started our business by selling exclusively into the front-end semiconductor manufacturing market. From there, it was quite simple for us to expand into photovoltaics (PV) systems as much of the infrastructure is similar to semiconductor fabrication.

From PV and energy storage systems, we met many customers in the Alternative Energy arena who asked us to help them sell in Asia. Semiconductors and Clean Energy sales led us to the automotive technology market…


Monthly Employee Highlight

Harumi Kato (加藤 春美)
Japan Country Manager (日本担当)

harumi-2013_resizeHarumi is responsible for our sales/marketing activities in the Japan domestic market, as well as liaising with our clients based in Japan who we assist with exporting to other markets in Asia.

Previously, Harumi worked with the Asian Technology Information Program in Tokyo. She is fluent in Japanese and English and learns new technologies easily.

Contact Harumi directly in Tokyo:
Tel+ +81 (3) 4579 5782
Email: [email protected]

Insight interAsia business units

Insight interAsia LLC has several business units that are defined to provide focus and bring maximum effectiveness and value to our clients.

Insight interAsia (this site) is dedicated to sales, marketing, and business development of US technology products/services in Asia.

SIRS (Strategic Investment Research Services) is focused on helping Japanese technology companies find investment opportunities in U.S. companies and technologies.

STRATIS (Strategic Asian Information Technology Investment Services) is dedicated to providing to the U.S. financial services community detailed and timely information about Asian technology plays.

PARTNER+D consults to technology companies that want to secure research and development funding from the U.S. government.

INCUBED (Insight interAsia InterActive) is our Hawai’i & Singapore-based digital marketing, website development, and IT support services division dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-profits, and government entities have state-of-the-art Internet infrastructure at reasonable prices.

Asia’s Technology Market experts . Experience . On the ground . Throughout Asia