About Us

Insight interAsia (IIA) is a technical sales, marketing, and business development company helping U.S. and European technology companies sell their products and services throughout Asia.

First and foremost: we are bilingual, technically savvy business people who like to sell. We also perform detailed technology market studies for our clients, then establish short- and long-term strategies for them to grow their businesses in Asia. In many cases, we also represent our clients as agents or distributors in Asia.

IIA works primarily in the technology areas of semiconductor, MEMS, nanotech, sensors, cleantech, biopharma, energy, and automotive.

The headquarters is in Honolulu. We have branch offices and representatives throughout the major technology centers of Asia including  Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia.

IIA has representatives on the US mainland, in Europe, and in Latin America to communicate with our clients and principals. Contact us now at the office nearest to you to learn how Insight interAsia can help you grow your business in Asia.

Asia’s Technology Market experts . Experience . On the ground . Throughout Asia