Insight interAsia sells technology products and services in several different industries, however we chose to enter these industries because they have many aspects in common and are natural extensions of one another.

We started our business by exclusively selling into the semiconductor manufacturing market. From there, it quite simple to expand into photovoltaics (PV) systems as much of the infrastructure is similar. From PV and energy storage systems, we began to meet many customers in the Alternative Energy arena who asked us to help them sell in Asia. Semiconductors and Clean Energy sales led us to the automotive technology market.

Likewise, from our roots in the semiconductor market we seamlessly moved into nanotechnology, MEMS, and sensor markets as many end users were the same. By selling biomedical devices and bioMEMS devices–and by searching for bionanomedical intellectual property–we found services to sell into pharmaceutical manufacturing (which has some processes in common with semiconductor fabrication).

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