The populations in Asia are aging as hundreds of millions baby boomers retire from the workforce. This is particularly true in Japan, Korea, and Singapore and the trend is increasing in China. Asian governments and companies are funding large research programs to develop pharmaceuticals and medical technologies targeted at geriatric markets in Asia. Most of the drugs and devices are not meant for the US market (and, therefore, will not go through the lengthy and costly FDA approval process). These drugs and devices that are being developed locally are meant for Asian consumption. We can sell into these markets.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is expanding rapidly in Asia. The government of Singapore, for example, has highlighted pharma R&D and production as critical areas for national progress.

Insight interAsia sells products and services to these R&D and production facilities. We consult to foreign manufacturers, as well, on issues of establishing operations locally.

Please contact us and let us explain how we can help your company grow its pharma business in Asia.

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