Solar farm

Photovoltaics (PV) are growing in importance throughout Asia as the device efficiencies are increasing and manufacturing costs are decreasing. The governments of the major economies in Asia are investing heavily in PV technology development and deployment, and Insight interAsia is selling PV products into Japan, Korea, Taiwan, SIngapore, China, and Australia.

There are many technologies involved in the photovoltaic system, including: solar cell materials and manufacturing, electrical transmission, and power storage. IIA has clients in each component technology. Our PV business division overlaps with the activities of our Electronics and Environmental divisions when selling to terrestrial-based solar application end-users. However, we have also sold PV components and materials for III-V cells used in satellites.

We are members of SEMI and attend the Solarcon shows in Asia and at Semicon West, as well as many other PV-specific conferences. Please look for us and let us explain how we can help you sell your products in Asia.

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