Insight interAsia’s PARTNER+D division helps technology companies secure funding from U.S. government sources.

The PARTNER+D Consulting Engagement Process

The PARTNER+D consulting relationship is a customer-centric engagement.  Every client receives the attention of a PARTNER+D principal for the duration of the the engagement.

PARTNER+D will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with your firm, and our consultants will work with your executive team to understand your technology offerings, roadmap, and strategic objectives.  Understanding your firm’s technology roadmap is crucial to building a successful strategy for winning funding from government research sponsors.  Your firm only realizes true value from R&D funding if the sponsors’ objectives and the resulting statement-of-work are well-aligned with your firm’s research objectives and capabilities.  Funding for work that is not aligned with your roadmap is a distraction, and does not deliver the tangible value that you are looking for.

PARTNER+D’s consultant will work with your team to identify 2-3 candidate projects that have the highest potential for attracting funding from government sponsor organizations.

Our consultant will analyze each mutually agreed candidate project against funding criteria and historical funding profiles of least 3 potential sponsor (funding) organizations. For each candidate project, the PARTNER+D consultant will recommend a target sponsor organization that offers the highest probability of a successful funding outcome.

PARTNER+D will develop strategies and tactical approaches designed to maximize the probability of a successful outcome for each project-sponsor pairing.

PARTNER+D will work with your executives and technology professionals as a team to execute the strategy.  Years of experience has taught us that having your firm engaged and visible in the sponsor outreach maximizes the probability of success.

PARTNER+D will identify current, active funding opportunities, and will assist your firm in responding to research announcements and calls for proposals.

But PARTNER+D goes much further than that.  We specialize in “filling the pipeline” for our clients. Our extensive, long-standing relationships with government research sponsors enable us to get your ideas in front of high-level government executives, seeding new program starts that are tailored to your organization’s strengths.

Contact us for more details about how our PARTNER+D unit can help you secure U.S. government R&D funding for your technology. Email us or call (888) 931 0488 ext 1.

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