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IIA @ APCE 2014 in Honolulu

Insight interAsia attended the annual Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit & Expo in Honolulu from September 9-11. Technology and business leaders from the Pacific and around the world met at this event to discuss new developments in sustainable energy. Insight interAsia has attend the event every year and we look forward to the conference and […]

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IIA @ IEEE MEMS 2014 in San Francisco

Insight interAsia visited the IEEE MEMS 2014 conference in San Francisco from January 26-30. We represent MEMS and nanotech companies and we need to keep abreast of the latest technological achievements. Likewise, we perform detailed market analyses of the Asian MEMS supply chain and attending this excellent conference helps us gather new technical information. IEEE MEMS 2015 will be […]

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Press Release: Contipro 4SPIN and Insight interAsia

4SPIN Electrospinning Device to Become Accessible on the US and Asian Markets 4SPIN, the new equipment for producing nanomaterials, is set to become much more accessible on both the US and the Asian markets. Contipro Biotech, the Europe-based company that has developed the apparatus and protected it with numerous patents, is teaming up with the […]

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IIA @ Asia Pacific Clean Energy summit

Insight interAsia is pleased to attend the excellent Asia Pacific Clean Energy (APCE) summit & expo, which is September 9-11, 2013 at the Honolulu Convention Center. We have attended this conference annually since its inception and look forward to meeting with cleantech industry and policymakers from around the world. An exciting part of the APCE event is […]

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