Q1. What is Insight interAsia?

Insight interAsia LLC is a Hawaii-headquartered sales, marketing, and business development company that provides consulting services to technology-focused companies that are interested in doing business in Asia. We primarily work in the technology areas of semiconductors, MEMS/nano, robotics, biomedical devices and pharma, energy, and automotive. 

We are a sales & marketing company in advanced technology markets. Our services range from performing direct sales throughout Asia to establishing branch offices for our customers to conducting in-house audits for clients already involved in Asia. For more information on IIA’s capabilities, please see our Technologies page and contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Q2. Why is your Asia HQ in Singapore?

Singapore is an easy place for us to coordinate our activities across Asia. Excellent communications infrastructure, ease of multilingual business operations, and the friendly tax environment are all factors in our decision to base the HQ in Singapore.

Q3. If your HQ is in Singapore, do you give Singapore any preference when recommending operations to your clients?

Absolutely not. Please see answer immediately above as to why we our HQ is located in Singapore. We look for the only the best possible Asian-based solutions for our clients. Depending on the customer’s short- and long-term goals we will create a solution for them in Asia which ensures maximum ROI. That solution my involve Singapore, but more often it does not.

Q4. Which countries do you operate in?

We operate globally. Our headquarters is in Singapore. We have representative offices in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to help sell products in those countries. We have agents in India, China, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well. We have sales operations in Europe, Australia, Brasil, and the USA.

Q5. My company is particularly interested in the large and fast-growing markets of China and India. What does IIA do in those countries?

IIA has a very strong network of contractors and contacts in both China and India. Much of work involves technology market studies about and, subsequently, establishing sales in China and India for our customers. One of the reasons we located our HQ in Singapore is take advantage of the local Chinese language skills and the physical proximity to India. Please contact us if you are interested in China and/or India as we have a great deal of experience in these two important markets.

Q6. Does IIA work with customers in Asia who want to sell in another country in Asia?

Yes! This is a significant part of our business. We have representative offices in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to assist customers in those markets. Of course, from our Singapore headquarters we assist small Singaporean technology companies expand their sales in other parts of Asia and beyond.

If you are in a country in Asia other than Singapore, Japan, or Korea, or Taiwan please contact our Japan office for assistance in English or contact the Singapore or Taiwan office for assistance in Chinese (Mandarin).

Q7. What are your rates and fees for consulting?

We understand clearly that companies today have budget constraints. Our rates and fees are very competitive, but of course the details depend on your organization’s goals and time frame. Please contact us to initiate a dialogue about how we can best serve your interests in Asia. We are confident you will find our rates to be extremely reasonable based on the quality of effort and results you will see based on our efforts for you in Asia.

Q8. Can IIA act as our sales agent/distributor?

This is a major part of our business. IIA can act as an agent and importer–and we do it very successfully for some customers–but it depends on the technology and market(s) you are most interested in. In some countries we are better equipped to do this than in other countries, and it depends on the core competency of the staff in that market and the local tax implications. Please contact us and let us know what you are interested in doing in Asia and we may, in some instances, recommend ourselves to be your agent.

Q9. When will IIA establish a sales office in continental Europe?

We are working to accomplish this in 2011. We will post the contact information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, our continental European customers are asked to contact us by telephone in the UK or in Singapore for assistance in English. Due to the time differences, this is best done in the morning in Europe. In the late afternoon, please contact our liaison desk in the USA.

Likewise, we have a Europe-based email address where European customers can contact us about issues and projects specific to them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Q10. When will IIA establish a telephone number or a sales office in Latin America?

We expect to have a telephone number in place in Spanish-speaking Latin America in Q4 2010. In the meantime, please contact our general enquiry USA liaison desk in Texas (Central Time zone). Habla español. +1 (512) 553-0442

We also have an email address for issues specific to Latin America (not Brasil).

Portuguese-speaking customers in Brasil can call us at our liaison desk there: +55 21 3717 4225     Likewise, we have a Brasilian email address.

Q11. My company is interested in doing business in Asia, but we are not a “technology-based” company. Can IIA help us?

Insight interAsia focuses on technology-based clients and, thorugh this focus, allows us to create the most value for the customers in Asia. If you have a non-technology good or service that you would like to market or manufacture in Asia, please contact us and we will help you find the people who are best suited to assist you.

Q12. How can I apply for a job at IIA?

Potential recruits should e-mail a detailed resume/CV and cover letter to recruit@insightinterasia.com

We are looking for highly motivated, independent, technical sales and marketing talent; preferably engineering graduates with MBAs.

Q13. What does your logo mean?

The Chinese character for “Asia” is here:


…and is pronounced “ya” in Mandarin. We used this character to signify that we are pan-Asian in nature and not focused on only one market. We want to convey the message that we do business anywhere and everywhere in Asia.

The red “i” for “inter” is perpendicular to the “ya” character. This signifies that we cross-cut different countries and technologies, depending on our customers’ goals.

IIA logo

IIA logo

The red color is a nod to the flag of our headquarters country of Singapore, and the red/blue dot on the “i” acknowledges the importance of our Korean and Japanese and customers, and that our largest representative office is in Japan.

Asia’s Technology Market experts . Experience . On the ground . Throughout Asia