IIA on Economist panel examining electronics trends in Asia

Insight interAsia participated in a panel discussion sponsored by the Economist Corporate Network. The excellent half-day seminar at the Four Season Hotel in Singapore discussed the Economist’s Asia-Pacific regional strategic forecast and then had a panel focusing on electronics trends in Asia.

The meeting announcement:

It’s often suggested that the defining economic trend of our age as the shift in power and influence away from the developed world to the emerging economies. Investors certainly bought that story last year, with investment inflows to emerging markets hitting record levels in 2010. But this year is proving that the story isn’t quite so simple.

The rapid rise of emerging markets—coupled with weakness in the West—is causing numerous challenges. Quite apart from the feuding between nations that always accompanies a transfer of power, inflation is becoming more of an issue (caused just as much by rapid growth in the East as by policies in the weaker West). Rising demand for scarce commodities is a related concern. So too is domestic politics. The situation in the Middle East underscores the need to distinguish diligently between different emerging markets—with important implications for Asia. Our core view for the global economy is still good, but major risks remain. Join us to discuss the global outlook, what lies ahead for Asia, and what differentiates different markets as they march towards a new world order.

We’ll also host a discussion about the trends re-shaping Asia’s electronics sector—a vast and enormously important industry for the region. What does the rise of Asia, rising wealth and wages, and rising volatility, mean for the sector?

This was an excellent forum and we recommend our clients and network contacts to attend upcoming Economist Corporate Network events.