About Us

Insight interAsia is a technical sales, marketing, and business development company helping U.S. and European technology companies sell their products and services throughout Asia. The company is based in Honolulu and operates sales offices throughout the technology centers of Asia.

First and foremost: we are multilingual, culturally trained, technically savvy business people who like to sell.

Our Advantage

Speed: we can get to customer sites much faster than dispatching someone from the home office.

Language and Culture: we can communicate with customers much more effectively because of our language skills and cultural training.

Lower Cost: partnering with us is much more cost-effective than hiring your own full-time international sales staff.


Sales Agency

Insight interAsia can sell your products directly throughout the major technology centers of Asia, including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India.

We employ a traditional, on-the-ground sales and marketing approach and visit customers directly and work with them in their preferred language. 

If you have an existing agent or other distribution channel we will work with them closely to enhance their technical capabilities and improve communications between you, the agent, and the customer.

Examples of typical sales/marketing work in Asia: On-site presentations in the customers’ preferred language; Attend trade shows on behalf of your company; Hire, manage, and train sales agents; Conduct marketing campaigns in local markets; Revise corporate websites in target market language; Report to home office on a regular basis regarding progress in Asia. 

Market Research

Insight interAsia performs in-depth market research in the target market based on face-to-face customer interviews. We examine the competitive landscape and establish pricing models that includes warranty, spare parts stocking, after-sales service, agent commissions, shipping, customs, and other logistics.

Asian Strategy Consulting

Before you start sales or other operations in Asia, Insight interAsia will craft a strategy for you based on our vast experience and network of contacts in the region. We will recommend the best market for you to attack first then follow through to ensure that you succeed there.

Partner Search & Due Diligence

Insight interAsia will find partners for you in manufacturing, design, prototyping, legal services, accounting, etc. We will find the right partner organization for you and ensure that communications with them is seamless.


Rob Haak / CEO

Based in Honolulu and Singapore
Manages relationships and communications with principals

During his 30-year career in Asia, Rob has been based in Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Kuala Lumpur. He has traveled in nearly 100 countries as a technical sales/marketing representative and has extensive experience selling products and services B2B, B2C, to the US government, and to non-US governments in Asia and Europe. 

The technologies that he has sold include semiconductor manufacturing capital equipment, robotics, microsystems, nanotechnology materials, medical devices, automotive components, biopaharma, oil/gas extraction and refining, contract design services, intellectual property development, and many others.

Rob is a frequent speaker and lecturer on international marketing, the Asian semiconductor supply chain, Asian operations management, and Asian business culture. 

Rob’s formal education includes a BS in Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, USA and an MBA in Management of Technology and Corporate Finance from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA. He has taken extensive classes in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and Bahasa.

Dr. Victor Stickel / General Manager of Asian Operations

Based in Tokyo
Manages the activities of sales/marketing/resaerch staff on-the-ground in Asia.

Victor has 25+ years of experience encompassing executive management, R&D/engineering,  technology analysis and product and business development/marketing in both the United States and Asia including Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Mongolia.

He has worked as a researcher in the fields of Chaotic Fluid Dynamics and Radiation Heat Transfer and received fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Columbia University and Rice University and has held a Post-Doctoral appointment at Keio University in Tokyo.  His industry experience includes engineering and project management appointments at conglomerate, Harsco Corporation, and defense contractor General Dynamics.

During his residence in Asia, he worked as a Sr. Technology Analyst for the Asian Technology Information Program in Tokyo, Japan, the Director of International Business Development/Marketing for Suruga Mongol, LLC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and the Chief Technology Officer for the Asian (Hong Kong-based) subsidiary of U.S. start-up Ceratech, Inc.  His industry experience includes Chemical (Powder Manufacturing), Aerospace, Automotive (Defense), Biotechnology, High Performance Computing, Robotics, and Construction.

Dr. Stickel received a B.S. degree from Lehigh University, an M.A.S. degree from Johns Hopkins University,  and M.S. degree from  Rice University and a Ph.D. degree from Columbia University.  Additionally, he speaks fluent Japanese and conversational Chinese (Mandarin) and Mongolian languages.


Suwon Branch Office

Y.B. Park


Hsinchu Branch Office

Lisa Liu


Pune Branch Office

Mohan Tilak

China / Hong Kong

HK Branch Office

Richard Kwan




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IIA visits US Commercial Service in Tokyo

Insight interAsia’s Rob Haak met with the US Commercial Service Attaché and Senior Commercial Service Officers to discuss importation of US products To Japan. The US Commercial Service has been very helpful helpful to IIA over the years and we greatly appreciate their efforts on behalf of US companies selling in Asia.

Nanotech 2018

Insight interAsia staff will attend the annual Nanotech expo at Tokyo Big Sight starting on February 14. We represent suppliers from Europe and the USA at this event each year.