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Asia Business Development

Bilingual, Technical Sales & Marketing on-the-ground 24/7 in Asia



Insight interAsia staff are experienced, technically-savvy, bilingual business people who like to sell.

Starting in a New Asian Market

Insight interAsia will establish a beachhead in a new Asian market for your product or service. We will find the early adopters in that market and turn them into evangelists for your product/service.

Improving an Existing Market

We will significantly improve your revenue in an existing market using your established distribution channels. Our staff are extremely technical and bilingual and will enhance communications between you, your customers, and your distribution channels.



Insight interAsia’s business development services are extremely thorough, reflecting our many years in business. Each of our clients has very different needs depending on their position in the Asian market in question and what they are trying to accomplish. Below are some of the business development activities we conduct on a daily basis for our clients:

We routinely help companies by searching for — and performing due diligence on — partners to manufacture locally in Asia, distributors, after-sales service providers, joint-venture candidates, etc.

Many companies approach us for advice on the establishment of a representative office, branch office, subsidiary, joint-venture, etc. in an Asian market. We advise on the best locations and strategies and help find initial staff.

Similarly, we have a vast network of contacts that we have developed through decades of experience in the Asian markets. In the course of business we can easily find cost-effective accountants, customs agents, IP attorneys, and any other service needed.

Contact us to discuss how Insight interAsia can significantly improve your sales, marketing, and business development in Asia.