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Asia Business Readiness Audit

Consulting on Best Practices to Maximize Asian Revenue

Insight interAsia staff has decades of business development experience throughout Asia and we have learned what the best practices are. Our belief is that a company should make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from it, and we help our clients by showing them ways to make it as easy as possible for customers in Asia to buy (and then retain those customers).

In our Readiness Audit we conduct an extremely thorough review of your sales and marketing channels from your home office throughout the Asian distribution system to determine inefficiencies. We then consult with you on the best practices being employed and how to improve your revenue and profitability from Asian markets.

Usually, such inefficiencies are arise from barriers in communication: language is important, of course, but more often we see miscommunication due to cultural differences and technical aspects of the product/service. Similarly, profits from Asia are often eroded in spare parts and warranty shipments and lost sales due to outdated technical training of the local agents. Insight interAsia finds the root causes in our Asian Readiness Audit and we provide you with immediate improvements.

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