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Your Asia Sales Manager

Bilingual, Technical Sales & Marketing on-the-ground 24/7 in Asia



Insight interAsia staff are experienced, technically-savvy, bilingual business people who like to sell.

Traditional On-The-Ground Sales & Marketing Throughout Asia

Insight interAsia has extensive experience selling technology products and services throughout Asia.


Insight interAsia can sell your products and services in the technology centers of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, India, and elsewhere.

We can also significantly improve your revenue in an existing market using your established distribution channels.

Our staff are extremely technical and bilingual and will greatly enhance the communications between you, your customers, and your distribution channels.

  • Customer site visits and technical presentations and demonstrations to customers
    • We can visit customers more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Translation of marketing materials and translation during in-country meetings
  • Training and updates for customers and distributors
  • Communications improvement between end-users and your home office
  • Contracts reviews
  • Negotiation with end-users and distributors
  • Attend Trade Shows, Conferences, Symposia and write reports / provide briefings on what we learned and who we met
  • Social media posts in the local language
  • Travel arrangements for our clients’ technical staff to visit customers
  • Assist with field service and other after-sales service, spare parts inventory management


Insight interAsia’s marketing services will help you find and reach the target market segments in Asia.

We wordcraft local language messaging for your literature and website and advise on hashtags to use in social media.

Our Asian technology market research capabilities are unparalleled: face-to-face interviews with customers asking “what it?” questions including specifications, price, delivery times, etc.

We find your MQL’s and help convert them to SQL’s, and eventually in paying customers.

Contact us to discuss how Insight interAsia can significantly improve your sales, marketing, and overall business development strategy in Asia.