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Asian Technology Forecasting

Insight interAsia develops technology forecasting reports and briefings based on extensive research interviewing with technologists in companies, government, and academia–as well as policymakers and funding sources–to determine technology development forecasts within a country.

Technology development in Asia is largely consumer market driven with little or no input from the defense sector (except China), unlike the US market where organizations such as DARPA fund a great deal of advanced technology development. In Asia, we generally look to companies, universities, and government laboratories to develop technology forecasts for three and seven-year horizons.

Local cultural and societal issues can have a significant impact on technology development. As an example, the population in Japan is rapidly aging and a great deal of technology development in that country is targeted at medical devices, sensors, pharmacology, and exoskeletons to address what is called “Quality of Life” (or QoL) for the geriatric market. Public research funds are distributed throughout the domestic technology development infrastructure (companies, government labs, and universities) to develop products and services to address this market. Insight interAsia interviews stakeholders throughout the technology development infrastructure to prepare a technology market forecast that our clients can use in their business planning.

We are often tasked with comparing one country’s technology development with others; for example, Japan compared to Korea, Taiwan, and China. Such a study can take about one year and involves hundreds of interviews.

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